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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Back in the Philippines with good and bad news

It has been exactly 10 days now since I arrived in the Philippines for a working visit and I've been quite busy since my arrival. Together with Hans, our local country representative, I had to facilitate two workshops with Philippine partner organizations to draft our planning for the following years. It was intense and not easy but it is always encouraging to discover that we are on the same wavelength as our local partner organizations. They continue to defend the people's right to health even in these days of danger and grief.

That brings us again to the current human rights situation. The last e-mail I received before I left was about the abduction of activist peasant leader Nilo Arado (picture) and shooting of human rights activist Leeboy Garachico on the island of Panay. I happen to know both of them quite well and have been hoping for news about Nilo since I arrived. Unfortunately there are no updates about the fate of Nilo and Ma. Luisa Posa-Dominado, who was abducted together with him. Anybody who is familiar with the current wave of political killings and the mindset of this government knows however who is to blame.

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