"It's not about my politics. Something happened way to quick. A bunch of men who played it sick. They divide and conquer" -- Husker Du

Monday, May 28, 2007

Two hours, twenty kilometers and Pastor Berlin

Yesterday afternoon, the 20 kilometers through Brussels was fun again. Our G3W-M3M team is growing every year and while we started with less than 20 two years ago we were now more than 50. It took me 2 hours this time because of sore muscles but the ambiance was right, the weather was fine and the beer (afterwards) was cool. What more could I ask for? (Click for the slideshow with our pix.)

As soon as I came home I learned about another disappearance of an activist in the Philippines. I don't know Pastor Berlin but it was Kiri, about whom I wrote just a couple of days ago, who sent me this jpg.

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