"It's not about my politics. Something happened way to quick. A bunch of men who played it sick. They divide and conquer" -- Husker Du

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Belgium united

This country is going to the dogs, if our politicians are to be believed. Two months after the elections they are still trying to figure out how to form the new government. In order to justify their ineptitude they're blaming the deep divisions between French- and Dutch-speaking part of the country. Divide and rule, you know. Well, some people down here in Belgium just had enough of it. Some started a campaign on Myspace and changed their pictures with the flag. It's not that we're Belgian nationalists but we're against any further division according to language, race, belief or whatever. The people are united as one!

BTW, it reminds me of my favorite Husker Du song:

It's not about my politics
Something happened way too quick
A bunch of men who played it sick
They divide, conquer

For those under 30 or over 50: Husker Du was one of those bands that helped me through the 1980s.

This one's for Leterme: Divide and conquer live!

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