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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Satur was here

Anyone who has ever been able to work with Satur Ocampo can understand what an honor it is to welcome him in Brussels. In Philippine activist circles Bayan Muna congressman Ka Satur is an institution. "My life is the struggle and the struggle is my life," he said in an interview he did with Belgian newspaper De Morgen while he was here. And I swear that in the mouth of Ka Satur these words don't sound hollow.

We visited several European and Belgian Parliamentarians and paid a visit to the representatives of the European Commission. That last visit is what he talked about later on BBC World as you can see in the clip someone posted on youtube.

We had less than 48 hours in Brussels and there wasn't much time to unwind. Last year when he was in Brussels we had some more time and I will always remember how, after three long days of meetings and speaking engagements, he opted to spend time with his compatriots for some light talk. It was already past midnight and he must have been dead tired (at least I was!) but he didn't think twice and immediately accepted the invitation of some Filipinos who were so excited to see a congressman who actually showed interest into their lives. They met Ka Satur, a congressman like no other.

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