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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Friends from China

Tang and Sung left after a visit of 3 days in Brussels. They're both Taiwanese activists who are active in the labor movement. I met Tang first in the Philippines in 2002 when we were room mates during a fact-finding mission. He invited me to Taipei one year later and I spent a wonderful week in that city, integrating with the activist community of China's breakaway province--a place where nobody would expect much activist activity whatsoever. I discovered the true meaning of hospitality, as well as a world of incredible courage and persistence. I also discovered friendship that brought Tang all the way to Brussels. They proceeded to the UK now but Tang will soon go back to Taipei to resume his organizing work. One day I hope to pay him a return visit. In the meantime: good luck to Tang and the other labor organizers and peace activists over there!

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