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Sunday, February 18, 2007

STK on tour

I wish I were in San Francisco for the Stop the killings benefit show. It's a wonderful idea to generate interest for the campaign among the youth. Moreover, they have some really great bands out there.

Did you know that some of the most exciting hip hop is made by Filipino-Americans? They still have the attitude, amazing beats and powerful lyrics, unlike many of those mainstream hip hop wannabes. Blue scholars is hands-down the best of the pack. One MC (Geo, the son of Filipino migrants) and one DJ (Sabzi, with Iranian roots) is all you need when you're oozing with talent like these Seattle-based kids. And if you have doubts about their political commitment... They're co-founders of Mass Line Media. Another favorite of mine is Native Guns from LA. One of their songs, Hammer, has been the tune on my myspace page for a couple of months now.

Anyway, check them out on the Internet and hopefully we'll be able to bring the STK tour to Europe one day!

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